17 Things Every "American Horror Story" Fan Is Totally Guilty Of

17 Things Every "American Horror Story" Fan Is Totally Guilty Of

Welcome to the AHS universe.

1. First of all, fall is your favorite time of the year because you know a new season of AHS is coming your way.

2. You're constantly theorizing how each of the seasons connect to one another.

3. Forget DVR — you religiously watch the show every Wednesday so you don't have to worry about any spoilers.

4. And you regularly live tweet the episodes because you can't get enough of the GIFs.

5. Whether it's Sarah Paulson or Evan Peters, you can easily ID every one of their characters like the back of your hand.

6. You were devastated when Jessica Lange announced her tragic departure from the show.

7. And completely ecstatic when Lange finally made her epic return.

8. Quoting your favorite line is a no brainer to you.

New Line Cinema

9. You've intentionally planned trips around visiting your favorite AHS filming location.

10. After watching Season 3, you started having dreams of becoming the next Supreme.

11. Plus, you've likely dressed up as your favorite AHS character for Halloween at least once.

12. You don't mind debating which season is the best of all.

13. And you find it absolutely shocking when someone has never watched the show.

14. You unapologetically binge-watch the series again and again to relive the magic.

15. Each of the seasons are considered a staple in your home collection.

16. Black clothing is obviously a must in your wardrobe.

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17. And finally, on Wednesdays you always wear black.

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