18 Times Lola Pacini Was One Of The Best Characters On "Degrassi"

18 Times Lola Pacini Was One Of The Best Characters On "Degrassi"
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"Degrassi's pretty great, but even great places can be even better."

You might be familiar with some of Degrassi's earlier characters like J.T., Liberty, Jimmy, Manny, and Paige, but a lot of people might be unaware that Degrassi actually continued all the way until 2017!

Today, it's time to talk about one of the most underrated characters from Degrassi's run: Lola Pacini.

Here are 18 moments that prove she was one of the best Degrassi characters ever:

1. First, let's just appreciate her incredible hair transformation:

TeenNick, Netflix

2. When she was a supportive but honest friend.

3. And when she was knocked down a peg herself.


Sex ed at Degrassi was...lacking, to say the least.

4. When she opened up to Tiny and we finally saw her come out of her shell.

5. And when she called out the unfairness behind the school's zero tolerance policy after Tiny was suspended.

6. When she was the only one who understood where Miles was coming from.