2 cops among 4 killed in eastern Canada shooting

2 cops among 4 killed in eastern Canada shooting

Police in the far eastern Canadian city of Fredericton lost two of their own in a shooting incident on Friday morning. Fredericton police confirmed in a tweet that there were "at least four people killed" earlier in the day, and later said two of the dead were officers.

The police said they had one suspect in custody but advised residents that the area would remain "contained for the foreseeable future" amid the ongoing investigation. About three hours after first indicating an ongoing incident in Fredericton, the police appeared to have the situation under control, saying in a tweet that there was "no further threat to the public, and lockdowns are not required at this time."

Fredericton is in New Brunswick province, about 50 miles northeast of the U.S. border with Maine.

The police said the suspect in custody sustained "serious injuries related to this morning's shooting incident." They did not provide further detail on the individual's condition or the nature of his or her injuries.

Residents were warned to "stay in their homes with doors locked at this time for their safety" in an earlier tweet by police. Video from the scene broadcast by Canadian network CBC showed emergency vehicles on Brookside Drive, a residential road.

Rachel LeBlanc, who sheltered at a daycare center in the lockdown area on Brookside Drive, told CBC she heard gunshots shortly after arriving there for work on Friday. She said she heard a "crack, crack, crack, four in a row" in rapid succession. LeBlanc told CBC that the 23 kids in her care were unaware of the security incident, but that she was nervous as the person in charge of their care.

There was no immediate information on any suspected motive in the shooting, and no information provided on the identities of the suspect in custody or the victims.

David MacCoubrey, who lives in Fredericton, said he heard about 20 shots fired. He was hiding on his kitchen floor. He awoke in his apartment on Brookside Drive around 7 a.m. local time to the sound of three gunshots about 30 feet from his bed.

MacCoubrey said his apartment complex has four buildings in a square, and it sounded like the shots were coming from the middle of the complex. He said police searched the complex, including his own apartment. 

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