23 Foods From Disney & Nick Shows We All Secretly Wanted To Try

23 Foods From Disney & Nick Shows We All Secretly Wanted To Try

Raise your hand if you begged your parents for spaghetti tacos.

The shows we grew up watching on Disney Chanel and Nickelodeon were aspirational in so many ways.

They were our fashion goals.

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Our career goals.

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Our relationship goals.

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But most importantly...our food goals.

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Here are some of the delicious-looking foods we were secretly jealous our favorite characters got to eat.

1. Robby Ray's famous Loco Hot Cocoa from Hannah Montana.

Disney / Via Disney+

A secret life as a pop star AND a dad who brought her hot chocolate in bed? Miley was truly living the dream.

2. Bibble, the British snack Cat couldn't stop eating on Victorious.

Nickelodeon / Via Netflix

Get someone who looks at you the way Cat Valentine looks at bibble.

3. The Naco monstrosity Ron Stoppable invented in Kim Possible.

4. Anything the iCarly cast ordered from Groovy Smoothie.

Nickelodeon / Via GIPHY

You can't find smoothies and bagels on a stick anywhere in real life.

5. Chef Paolo's chocolate and gravy combination from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Disney / Via Disney+

I still have so many questions.

6. Max Russo's "To The Max" sandwich on Wizards of Waverly Place.

Disney / Via Disney+

It would've been the official sandwich of the New York Mets, if only he could've remembered the ingredients.

7. The Good Burger from All That.

Nickelodeon / Via YouTube

With an extra side of Ed's sauce, please.

8. Drake and Josh's Peruvian Puff Peppers.

9. B & PJ's PB&J, the food truck that PJ and Bob started on Good Luck Charlie.

Disney / Via Disney+

10. The futuristic spray can food from Phil of the Future.

Disney / Via Twitter

Truly Insta-worthy.

11. The loganberry smoothies the Mackenzie Falls cast used to manipulate Sonny into betraying her friends on Sonny With a Chance.

Disney / Via Disney+

They must've been worth it if she was willing to cross enemy lines.

12. The Cluck Bucket Cluck Muncher from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Disney / Via Disney+

"Sesame, smidge, supple, slices, sour, shredded, squirt" was the "two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun" of our generation.

13. The Kwikki Chikki "chicken" from Good Luck Charlie.

Disney / Via Twitter

Somebody in the Disney Channel writing room must've really been gunning for a workplace comedy about a fried chicken fast food joint.

14. The Moon Bars that took over PCA on Zoey 101.

15. A Hollywood Arts school lunch from the Grub Truck on Victorious.

Nickelodeon / Via Netflix

Add this to the many reasons I wanted to attend Hollywood Arts.

16. One of SpongeBob's infamous Krabby Patties.

Nickelodeon / Via GIPHY

The OG questionable television fast food.

17. Anything from The Chill Grill on That's So Raven.

Victor Baxter didn’t go from being an everyday chef to the owner of the Chill Grill to then go on and becoming the President’s personal chef to have twitter refer to him as “the dad from that’s so Raven” I won’t stand for this https://t.co/eunilguRaR

11:33 PM - 31 Aug 2018
Axe Savage-Hunter / Via Twitter

They could've called Mr. Baxter's spin-off That's So Delicious.

18. The seafood medley that saved the Tipton from a harsh food critic on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Disney / Via Disney+

I was totally jealous of Cody's cooking skills.

19. The amazing Ukrainian pastries Svorksi's Bakery served on Girl Meets World.

Disney / Via Disney+

Please transport me to the BMWCU (Boy Meets World Cinematic Universe).

20. The sushi from the iconic Drake and Josh conveyor belt scene.

remember that episode where drake and josh couldn't handle the sushi job, that's my life right now

01:53 AM - 25 Oct 2016
Nickelodeon / Via Twitter

This scene is never not a mood.

21. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's pizza.

Nickelodeon / Via GIPHY

The premiere cuisine of the Shell's Kitchen neighborhood.

22. Jackon and Oliver's Cheese Jerky from Hannah Montana.

23. And, finally, the absolutely legendary spaghetti tacos from iCarly

Nickelodeon / Via xsammypants.tumblr.com

Confession: I actually tried these as a kid, and they were surprisingly good.

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