28 Questions People From The Midwest Should Answer That Are Funny Because They're True

28 Questions People From The Midwest Should Answer That Are Funny Because They're True
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But... why?


Someone asked me this week why Midwest people always say "ope" when you bump into them and I really wish that I knew

06:59 PM - 24 Mar 2017


why does everyone from the midwest know each other... they can literally say one name and instantly yeehaw bond

06:19 PM - 30 May 2018


Why do people in the Midwest find it necessary to argue where it’s colder... we’re all suffering

11:49 PM - 29 Jan 2019
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Why does every town in the Midwest use “The Walmart” as a landmark like you could say “oh yeah I live by The Walmart” and everyone would know what you’re talking about

07:40 PM - 07 Dec 2018


why does everyone in the midwest have a second fridge in their garage when the whole garage is a fridge for half the year

06:54 PM - 23 Nov 2018


Why does everyone in the Midwest forget how to drive when it starts snowing? You were BORN to withstand these conditions, get a grip

02:21 AM - 20 Feb 2019
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Senior man drinking a glass of milk serious face thinking about question, very confused idea


Why does everyone from the Midwest older than 30 make restaurant and store names possessive?

09:47 PM - 10 Jan 2018


Why does everyone from the midwest have an uncle dick. Why is that a universal experience

01:49 AM - 26 Feb 2020
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my life's greatest mystery is why people in the midwest pronounce the candy reese's like reeseee's

02:23 AM - 03 Nov 2014


Thought of the day: why does everyone in the Midwest love ranch so much? I mean I love it too but like why us?

04:53 PM - 28 Nov 2018
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Healthy drinks, good nutrition, perfect breakfast concept. Woman drinking milk from glass


Why does everyone in the Midwest talk in miles? Like “oh yea the city’s 30 miles away” what does that even mean?

01:15 AM - 04 Mar 2019


Why do ppl from the Midwest struggle with the concept of sunscreen?? They be coming back from vacations looking like Mr. Krabs

02:15 AM - 12 Jun 2020


Why does everyone in the Midwest snapchat a storm as if everyone else in the Midwest isn’t also out on their porch looking at it?

08:17 PM - 19 Sep 2018
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This is little snack for me


Why is it that every person in the Midwest is required to have at least one piece of camo apparel? What are you guys all hiding from?

08:37 PM - 07 Aug 2018
Aaronamat / Getty Images


Also why do people from the Midwest complain about the snow sm. Like “ugh we’re getting more snow.” Well what did you expect KAREN? The weathers been like this your whole life, if you haven’t learned by now then LEAVE.

10:24 PM - 22 Feb 2020


why do old people in the midwest think adding bacon to every dish is a personality trait

08:15 PM - 01 Jan 2020


Why does everyone in the Midwest think the problem can always be solved with fried food?

07:29 PM - 19 Aug 2017

Oh, wait. Because they can.

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