35 Pictures That Will Make Every Millennial On Earth Say "I Can't Believe I Forgot"

35 Pictures That Will Make Every Millennial On Earth Say "I Can't Believe I Forgot"

It's like a switch in my brain got turned on.

1. The amazing smell of a freshly opened can of Play-Doh:

2. Those plastic baskets strawberries used to come in:

3. The sticky, vinyl-y surface of these lawn chairs:

4. When drinks used to come in glass bottles:

5. Stamp markers, in all their proto-emoji glory:

6. That ONE ball:

7. The unmistakable smell of a roller skating rink:

8. Those cardboard blocks you built architectural wonders with:

9. That infamous ball room in elementary school gym class:

10. The most delicious discontinued snack:

11. Carefully using a sharpie to write out the perfect tracklisting on a freshly burned CD:

12. Winning free sodas just by looking under the cap:

13. The original foil packaging Kit Kats came in:

14. The sweet smell of hose water. It just hit different:

15. Medicine that tasted better than candy, honestly:

16. That unforgettable sound of ripping the tennis ball off the velcro:

17. Getting one of these Life-Savers books in your Christmas stocking:

18. Those ol' crinkly insides of a VHS tape case:

19. Blue gel star-shaped toothpaste:

20. Those Disney mugs that were only kinda terrifiyng:

21. Those tiny cereals packed in foil which definitely made it taste better:

22. Seeing this before a movie and knowing you were in for a treat:

23. Playing this game in a doctor's office and never getting it right:

24. Pouring out some cereal and getting a dusty l'il prize:

25. The yellow-y inside of an old Subway:

26. Those little shaky bug things:

27. Seeing this logo at the end of your favorite cartoon:

28. That one bowl everyone had for some reason:

29. Robot dogs from the FUTURE:

30. Those super detailed books you always saw at a book fair:

31. The flashlights that changed from red to green:

32. The U2 iPod in all its U2 glory:

33. That one shampoo commercial with the swimming bottles:

34. Going into a store and standing around listening to new CDs:

35. Inside water fountain knowledge:

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