35 Things From The '80s That Women Now Between The Ages Of 36–45 Used To Do

35 Things From The '80s That Women Now Between The Ages Of 36–45 Used To Do

1. Dreaming one day of having a tree house just like Punky's on Punky Brewster:

2. Owning a bunch of Smurf PVC figures that you had no idea where they came from (but that you absolutely loved):

3. And owning a bunch of Fisher-Price Little People that you had no idea where they came from (but that you absolutely loved):

4. Having the Fisher-Price Little People Family Playhouse be both for your Little People and other PVC figures, like the Smurfs — since in your head, they all lived in the same universe:

5. Being entertained by playing with your paper dolls for like 10 minutes, tops:

6. Being grossed out by the taste of the stickers in the Sticker Fun coloring books:

7. Always being scared that these were going to pop off your head and hurt someone:

8. Wearing ruffled socks like these:

9. And wearing fancy ruffled socks whenever you went to a party or anywhere ~fancy~:

10. Playing your favorite tapes on this exact player:

11. Owning a bunch of Care Bear books — which always felt a little preachy, but were cute:

12. Knowing you were going to get an Icee if you went to Target or K-Mart with your parents:

13. Owning either the ballerina jewelry box...

14. ...or one that looked like this (that also doubled as a Barbie dresser during playtime):

15. Using Baby Magic baby lotion that came in bottles that looked like this:

16. Thinking you were oh-so-grown up when you finally got a pair of lace-up ankle roller skates :

17. And thinking Swatch watches were the chicest watches around:

18. Having a pretty bedsheet set that looked like it was straight out of a Laura Ashley catalog:

19. Using Sparkle Crest for Kids toothpaste and low-key being tempted to eat it (it had no right to taste that sweet):

20. Carrying all your Chuck E. Cheese tokens in their waxy soda cups:

21. Never really playing Pictionary like you were supposed to and basically just doodling on the pads:

22. Thinking you were a FASHION DESIGNER 'cause of Fashion Plates:

23. Watching Dynasty with your mom or grandma and having no idea what was going on, but being invested in the over-the-top drama — as well as having to close your eyes during the sex scenes:

ABC/Courtesy Everett Collection

24. Knowing that, even by '80s standards, Small Wonder had BAD special effects and was also budget-looking:

20th Century Fox Television

25. Playing with your Sea Wees during bath time — which were friends with My Little Pony ponies, your other bath time toys:

26. Wanting a Ben Copper character Halloween costume and regretting it when you went trick-or-treating 'cause the mask would barely let you see and breathe:

27. Totally wanting to kick ass like She-Ra:

Warner Bros. Television

28. And liking the Misfits over Jem and the Holograms (LBH, their songs were way better and they were legit rock stars):

29. Thinking Breyers Viennetta was the fanciest dessert you could eat:

30. And thinking that Grey Poupon was something only rich people ate:

31. Feeling cool whenever you wore these pen bracelets (even if they weren't great for writing with):

32. Wanting a Power Pad for your Nintendo, even if you had no idea what the hell you could play with it:

33. Thinking you were cool and grown-up because you read Girl Talk books:

34. Debating where you would stick your SandyLion stickers (especially the ballerina slipper ones):

35. And finally, dealing with the struggle of putting your Popple into its ball shape:

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