53 Of The Best Jokes From "The Office"

53 Of The Best Jokes From "The Office"

"'R' is among the most menacing of sounds. That's why they call it 'murder' and not 'mukduk.'"

1. When Jim and Dwight threw Kelly a birthday party.

2. When Gabe was smooth as hell.

3. When Michael wished to be feared and loved.

4. When Creed wanted to set Jim up with his daughter, but Jim said he was engaged to Pam.

5. When Kelly explained her professional growth in her interview to become the new manager.

6. When Jan told Michael she was pregnant, but Michael wasn't the father.

7. When Michael drove into a lake because he misunderstood the GPS.

8. When Darryl really wanted to focus on Andy's musical.

9. When Creed had some sort of plan with Pam and Michael's old chairs.

10. When Pam stood up to the office about her work.

11. When Michael called Jim by his full name.

12. When the men's room symbol outraged Creed.

13. When Dwight unpacked why he wanted to have periods.

14. When Michael set up an online dating profile.

15. When Kelly discussed death after hearing about Kevin's possible skin cancer diagnosis.

16. When Michael wasn't superstitious.

17. When Michael was a wine expert at Phyllis's wedding.

18. When Creed wanted to get into worms after Michael fell into the koi pond.

19. When Michael looked for a new job.

20. When Jan wasn't in a place to chat at David Wallace's party.

21. When the Michael Scott Paper Company had the upper hand in a negotiation.

22. When Dwight got ready to "run through" Jim.

23. When Michael hypothetically killed Toby.

24. When Kelly was furious at Ryan when he returned to Scranton after dumping her.

25. When Michael wanted to be in the know about Sabre.

26. When Creed misunderstood what happens with a jinx.

27. When Pam had her priorities straight at the dinner party.

28. When Michael created a great quote in the Michael Scott Paper Company office.

29. When Michael played Jeopardy! after hitting Meredith with his car in the parking lot.

30. When Nellie wanted to be friends with Darryl and get tacos.

31. When Michael talked about his vasectomies with Jan.

32. When Creed just wanted to scuba.

33. When Dwight made a case for the letter 'R.'

34. When Michael spoke of his grit after coming back to Dunder Mifflin.

35. When there was a break-in and Oscar's laptop was stolen.

36. When Michael wanted David Wallace to guess who he was dressed up as.

37. When Dwight stuck to his clearly fake story.

38. When Ryan declared his love for Kelly after she got a great new boyfriend.

39. When Creed would not let anyone mess with him after the office was broken in to.

40. When Michael quoted Abraham Lincoln in his diversity video.

41. When Jim and Robert California discussed nature.

42. When Michael felt the office had taken a life after cafe disco.

43. When Michael refused to be a villain.

44. When Michael wasn't there for the joke, because he had fallen asleep after eating an entire chicken pot pie for lunch.

45. When Kelly explained her pro-cupcake stance.

46. When Michael was so over Toby because he didn't want Boy Scouts to come to casino night.

47. When Michael wanted to seem like an intimidating figure.

48. When Jan threw a Dundie at the TV.

49. When Creed kind of created a language when he was manager.

50. When Michael became Prison Mike.

51. When Dwight missed Jim after he moved to Stamford.

52. When the office unpacked 'who vs. whom.'

53. And when Michael wasn't a bad guy.

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