54 Crazy Funny "Game Of Thrones" Tweets That Got Over 10,000 Retweets This Season

54 Crazy Funny "Game Of Thrones" Tweets That Got Over 10,000 Retweets This Season


Samwell: My dog, Pongo?
Daenerys: Run over by a carriage.
Samwell: My goldfish, Goldie?
Daenerys: Eaten by the cat.
Samwell: My cat?
Daenerys: Choked on the goldfish.

02:02 AM - 15 Apr 2019


everybody: the greatest army in the world and also dragons Sansa Stark: https://t.co/PqXB8FIPnf

01:21 AM - 15 Apr 2019


what the FUCK i‘ll never be able to watch this scene again without thinking of this lmao #gameofthrones

02:49 PM - 15 Apr 2019


Jon: My name, My Real name is Aegon Targaryen Dany: Who told you? Jon: Bran *Next episode* #GameofThrones

01:57 AM - 22 Apr 2019


Bran: (says weird shit)
Sansa: ...
Arya: ...
Jon: ...
Daenerys: ...
Sam: ...
Davos: ...
Brienne: ...
Jorah: ...
Tyrion: Ok fine since clearly nobody else is going to ask, what the fuck is your deal, kid?

11:49 AM - 22 Apr 2019


People who did a better job than Daenerys tonight:
-The Night King
-Sleepytime nap boy “I’m ‘warging’“ Bran
-The wind
-The White Walker who ran after the book that Arya threw in the library

02:40 AM - 29 Apr 2019


I would like to thank Melisandre for increasing the lighting in this episode by 100 #GameofThrones #GoT

01:35 AM - 29 Apr 2019


JORAH: I'll lead the first charge. BRIENNE: I'll command the left flank. GREY WORM: The Unsullied shall protect the gate. BRAN: How cool would it be to fly around and just do like, general bird stuff

03:15 AM - 29 Apr 2019


dany, her useless council, & their 10 soldiers showing up to king's landing to demand cersei's surrender

04:26 AM - 06 May 2019


Missandei in Heaven like: "I know I said Dracarys but this isn’t what i meant..” #GameofThrones

02:16 AM - 13 May 2019


Jon watching a CGI dragon destroy an entire city in detail while being told it wasn’t in the budget for him to pet Ghost #GameofThrones

03:11 AM - 13 May 2019


sansa @ all her haters after outliving all her abusers, getting the north's independence and being crowned the queen in the north #GameOfThrones #SansaStark #SansaHive

01:58 AM - 20 May 2019


TYRION: People love stories. And no one has a better story than Bran ARYA, WHO LEARNED SHAPE-SHIFTING AND MURDERED THE INVINCIBLE ICE KING OF DEATH: Bran has what now

02:24 AM - 20 May 2019