Antoni From “Queer Eye” Just Opened A Restaurant In NYC — Here’s Our Review

Antoni From “Queer Eye” Just Opened A Restaurant In NYC — Here’s Our Review

Syd: As the vegetarian of the two of us, I led the charge in the salad department! We tried two: the Den Mother and the Almond Caesar!

On the left is the Den Mother, which consisted of maple-roasted squash, pomegranate, beet hummus, cauliflower, lentils, pepitas, baby kale, and pickled apricot. While at first I wasn't sure if I'd like it, I ended up loving that there was a wide assortment of different tastes and textures! It was kinda like veggie tapas, and I'm very, VERY into tapas.

TBH, I think I liked the second salad more — that was the Almond Caesar. (And yes, I'm aware that Caesar dressing has anchovies in it, so it isn't vegetarian, but I made an exception for Antoni. LET ME LIVE!!!) But anywho, I really liked the Almond Caesar because it was really flavorful, and most kale tastes like hard garbage to me. However, the stars of the salad were definitely the croutons — they were made entirely out of ALMOND FLOUR, and they were SO GOOD.

The side of sweet potato was also delish!!! It reminded me that I don't need to douse every potato I eat in salt to get flavor, so basically I'm gonna be a health guru now.

Jon-Michael: The Den Mother actually reminded me of my own mother, and not just because of the name. Growing up, my mom made it a point to make our dinner plates as colorful as possible — think yellow creamed corn, red sliced tomatoes, green sliced zucchini, etc. The Den Mother is basically the salad equivalent of that. While the lentils were a little bland, the pickled apricots (who knew you could pickle apricots?!) and the slightly spicy spaghetti squash were particularly good.

The Almond Caesar was a good reminder that if kale is prepared the right way, it can be really good. It felt ~massaged~, so eating it didn't feel like chewing on tree bark, and it tasted like a loaded salad without actually being loaded down.