Hulu Canceled "High Fidelity" Because Nothing Gold Can Stay

Hulu Canceled "High Fidelity" Because Nothing Gold Can Stay


Put on a sad record, because here's a huge bummer: Hulu decided to cancel its adaptation of High Fidelity after just one season.

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The Hollywood Reporter broke the news on Wednesday night, though no reason was given as to why Hulu didn't want to move forward with it.

It's a very surprising decision. Not only was it one of the most talked-about shows in quarantine, but the show's co-creators Veronica West and Sarah Kucserka even told The Hollywood Reporter months ago that they had plans for various seasons.

"Hopefully there are more seasons of High Fidelity — I think our intention was that people would be rooting for different relationships and as season one progresses, we do get to spend more time with Cherise and get inside her head a little bit more, and we do have an episode that was totally from Simon's point of view," Veronica told THR.

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Many fans really wanted to see more of Cherise, who was one of the best parts of the show, so it's quite upsetting that we won't.

Veronica also mentioned that the plan was to introduce more romantic interests for Rob, and I would've loved to see who she would've ended up with. Plus, the Season 1 finale left things very open ended for Rob. It was clear that the show's creators wanted her to redeem herself and grow from her mistakes.

Zoë Kravitz, who also produced the show, responded to the news sharing her love for the High Fidelity team.

And, of course, fans are absolutely devastated that the show was canceled:

I can’t believe they canceled High Fidelity. How am I supposed to know who’s Robyn gonna end up with? What about Cherise’s episode ?? I love everything about that show please don’t do this to me

04:18 AM - 06 Aug 2020

Celebrities like Rhea Butcher and Mindy Kaling expressed their disappointment over the news:

Hollywood: we are committed to diversity in programming, especially queer Black woman led shows Also Hollywood:

03:53 AM - 06 Aug 2020

Other fans were just absolutely perplexed over the decision:


02:53 AM - 06 Aug 2020

I can't believe Hulu decided to cancel a show as a great as #HighFidelity after one season. Didn't even give it a chance to grow. And the diversity...I'm mad. This show deserves another season. Someone pick this up. @Netflix? @PrimeVideo? Anyone?

02:21 AM - 06 Aug 2020

Hulu not renewing #HighFidelity for a second season is the most disrespectful thing I’ve heard all day

02:48 AM - 06 Aug 2020