I Tried A Really Scary Looking Sandwich I Saw On TikTok And These Are My Thoughts

I Tried A Really Scary Looking Sandwich I Saw On TikTok And These Are My Thoughts
·Posted 22 minutes ago

I can low key still feel it sitting in my chest.

I was scrolling through TikTok the other day when I came across something that genuinely frightened me, but at the same time...I couldn't look away.

A young man by the name of Evan Dowers decided it was time to let the world know his great grandmother's favorite sandwich recipe: Peanut butter, mayonnaise, and pickles. Oh, and he actually really likes it.

There was some negative commentary.

But there was also some positive commentary.

Since I had literally nothing better to do and these were pretty much the only ingredients in my fridge (because quarantine), I decided to try it for myself. But first I reached out to Evan — who is currently chilling in his home state of Arkansas — for a little history lesson on this questionable sandwich.


"This is in fact my great grandmother's recipe!" Evan told BuzzFeed. "Her name was Myrtis and she was born in 1919 in a tiny house outside of Beaver, Oklahoma. My grandmother Jerilee, her daughter, said the first time she remembered her mother making it was when she was a kid and loved it! My grandmother first made it for me when we would go visit their home in New Mexico, and I’ve loved it ever since!"

I'm a huge fan of peanut butter and pickles (as separate entities), but mayonnaise kind of grosses me out, so that was definitely the ingredient that intimidated me the most. But I had already interviewed Evan, so there was no backing out of this. I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and did the damn thing (all while recording it on TikTok, of course).

So in my first bite, I couldn't taste the mayo. It just tasted like peanut butter and pickles. And I'm not gonna lie, it truly wasn't bad. It just tasted like two things that I like, but don't really match flavor-wise.

@danoodz / TikTok

But as much as I wanted to just call it quits after that, I knew it would be cheating if I didn't get a mayoey bite. I added some more mayo and took one more bite. I think the following photo is a perfect indicator of how it tasted:

@danoodz / TikTok

In conclusion: Peanut butter and pickles is MAYBE acceptable, adding mayo to the equation is an absolute no, and if you have a sensitive stomach, don't even think about trying any of this. I'm pretty sure I can still feel those two bites slowly inching down my small intestine.

@danoodz / TikTok

So long, my last two pieces of bread :,(.

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