People Are Losing Their Minds Over The Idea Of A Netflix Holiday Cinematic Universe

People Are Losing Their Minds Over The Idea Of A Netflix Holiday Cinematic Universe

Step aside, Avengers.

So, in case you're NOT the type of person to watch holiday movies before Thanksgiving, here's the lowdown: Netflix recently released a sequel to its hit movie, The Princess Switch, starring the one and only Vanessa Anne Hudgens. At the very end of the movie — literally for like two seconds — the stars of Netflix's other hit Christmas movie, A Christmas Prince, pop onto the screen. What does this mean? It's Netflix's universe, baby, and we're just living in it.

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The cameo in The Princess Switch: Switched Again essentially proves that there is a ~Netflix Holiday Cinematic Universe~, and people on Twitter had a lot of thoughts about it, some of which had me absolutely cackling.


in The Princess Switch, Margaret and Kevin are clearly seen watching A Christmas Prince. AND YET in The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again, Amber and Richard attend Margaret’s coronation, complicating the fabric of the NCCU (Netflix Christmas Cinematic Universe). In this essay—

03:48 PM - 21 Nov 2020
@aurianedesombre / Via Twitter: @aurianedesombre


Trying to figure out all of the connections and plot holes in the Netflix Christmas Cinematic Universe between A Christmas Prince, Princess Switch, and Knight Before Christmas.

01:58 AM - 24 Nov 2020
@byashleybanks / Via Twitter: @byashleybanks


My male roommate when the couple from The Christmas Prince had a cameo at the end of The Princess Switch 2: “Oh I love this. It’s like The Avengers.”

02:18 AM - 23 Nov 2020
@beejaybeeee / Via Twitter: @beejaybeeee


I was up at 6AM thinking how I hope Vanessa Hudgens’ character in The Knight Before Christmas becomes entangled with her other characters from The Princess Switch, all part of the Netflix Christmas Cinematic Universe.

07:57 PM - 20 Nov 2020
@emilykalaygian / Via Twitter: @emilykalaygian


There's a Christmas Prince cameo in this new Christmas Switch movie confirming that the two universes are connected, this sort of expansion of the extended universe has never before been seen in Christmas fiction. Incredible.

10:55 AM - 23 Nov 2020
@holymojii / Via Twitter: @holymojii

16. Even Netflix itself had to chime in...

Loyal Readers,
Like many of you, I spent hours trying to figure out how Amber and Richard could appear in The Princess Switch: Switched Again without creating a Netflix Holiday Movie Universe paradox. So let’s break this down...

01:00 AM - 24 Nov 2020
@netflix / Via Twitter: @netflix

Let us know your thoughts about our new fave cinematic universe in the comments below!

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