People Are Sharing Pictures Of Their Cats In Response To This 18-Year-Old's Odd Situation

People Are Sharing Pictures Of Their Cats In Response To This 18-Year-Old's Odd Situation

"Children are so strange i just had seven (7) young boys on my front porch demanding to see my cat. they had a leader. i opened the door and before i could greet them he said 'where's your cat. i know he's in there we see him in the windows all and he's real fat.' idk what to do here," wrote Ontario Chiorazzi, an 18-year-old creative writing student at the University of Tampa who goes by Ari.

Chiorazzi, who was babysitting her brother at the time, told BuzzFeed News the leader of the pack of seven was roughly 10 years old, and the others were his age or younger.

But, she said, the boys' investigation didn't lead them to Tigger.

"Tigger was hiding when they came," she said. "He gets into every crevice in the house. They asked me to drag him outside, and I said I wouldn’t do that, so they were a bit disappointed."

The boys waited for the cat, but to no avail.

"The next time I saw him a couple hours later, he was just napping," Chiorazzi said.

Tigger used to be an outdoor cat. But after he showed up several times on the family's front porch, she asked her mom if they could keep him, and they eventually adopted him about a year ago. Tigger still maintains the spirit of an outdoor cat, Chiorazzi said, even though he lives in a home and has gained a lot of weight.

"He'll still go outside and do his business and roll around in the dirt and play with people," she told BuzzFeed News.

As of Monday afternoon, her original tweet had racked up 44,000 retweets and 240,000 likes. And many people said they too wanted to see Tigger.

"Disregard the people saying show them the cat show US the cat," user @SandyMcBean14 replied.

So Chiorazzi did. And Tigger is very cute.

"I usually mute tweets that blow up," she added. "But this time I want to see everyone's cats."