Speaking of false (2)

Speaking of false (2)

George Mason University Professor Tim Groseclose wrote yesterday to advise that the Star Tribune staff report on Ilhan Omar’s Colbert appearance last week is worse than I noted. He writes: “The Star Tribune did not provide accurate quotes. Most important, in the Colbert interview she doesn’t even mention the word “marriage,” much less criticize her critics for the married-her-brother claim. I posted some tweets [starting here with a few more details. I’ve copied them below.”

Here is the text of Professor Groseclose’s tweets on the article:

1/ Something really odd about this Minn. Star Tribune article. Read the paragraph that begins “In return…” It quotes Rep. Omar saying “when people say I was already married.” Next it inserts “[a false accusation that she had married her own brother].”

2/ Maybe it’s false that Omar married her own brother. But it’s definitely not false that she was married before. Not even Omar disputes that.

3/ But here’s what’s even more odd. The Star Tribune posts the video. Its quotes seem to come exclusively from the 4:17-4:58 segment. Despite the Star Tribune’s quote, Omar doesn’t say anything about her marriage—not in that segment or anywhere else in the video.

4/ Omar’s purpose seems to be to respond to her critics. If the married-to-her-brother claim were really false, wouldn’t it be excellent ammunition to mention it? It would make her critics seem like loony conspiracy theorists.

5/ Why didn’t Omar address the married-her-brother claims? Why does the Minneapolis Star Tribune want to fool us into thinking that she addressed the claims?

I have posted the Omar/Colbert video below. Omar offers an excuse of ignorance regarding her habitual anti-Semitic statements leading up to the 90 seconds about which Professor Groseclose writes. Dave Orrick exposed the essential falsity of this excuse in a February 13 Pioneer Press story. What we seem to have here is a combination of Omar’s dishonesty with Star Tribune fake news. There must be a mistake somewhere.

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