The great Canadian "Family Feud" fail

The great Canadian "Family Feud" fail

There are more important things to write about but it’s been a long week and the collective palate needs cleansing. So enjoy one of the dumber game-show flubs in modern history, punctuated by the contestant breaking into a swaggering celebratory dance because she’s convinced she just won the game for her family.

Strong Kelly Bundy energy from this one.

No, really, though, this clip makes sense when you remember that all Canadians are stupid:

In fairness to her, if Popeye had ever had the chance to try Popeyes chicken sandwich, chicken really would be his favorite food.

Allegedly, in the tension of the moment and the pressure to be the first to buzz in, she misheard the question as “What’s the most famous thing to eat at Popeyes?” I can … sort of buy that. Or rather, I could have if not for the fact that she was also asked in this same sudden-death round to “name something you might see in the sky on a clear night” and answered “helicopter.”


Contacted about the viral popularity of the clip, her mother told a newspaper that she’s taking it in good humor. “At least I’m pretty,” she supposedly said. Strong Kelly Bundy energy.

In lieu of an exit question, here’s another one from Canada that’s going around today. It’s months old but only broke big online this past week. The two T-Rexes in the foreground are children waiting to prank their grandmother at the airport gate upon her arrival in Victoria, British Columbia. Imagine her surprise when she sees them! But wait.