The Power Line Show, Ep. 77: Bulldog Edition

The Power Line Show, Ep. 77: Bulldog Edition

Listen up, all you Yale alumni out there among our readers. This episode of the Power Line Show is especially for you, and it includes an action item—supporting James Kirchick‘s insurgent petition campaign to run for a spot as a trustee of Yale University.

This episode features a new intro, bumper music, and transitions, and my two guests are Kirchick and fellow Yale alumnus Jeremy Carl of the Hoover Institution. But there’s more that connects these two Yale alumni than just the tie to the university whose mascot is (still, somehow, in this age of “speciesism”) the bulldog. (“Bulldog edition” is also an old newspaper term for the early edition, usually of an evening newspaper. Yes, kids, once upon a time some newspapers actually came out in the evening, and were even delivered to your door by a kid riding a bike.)

Last month Kirchick wrote in the Wall Street Journal about his lasting outrage over the political correctness of Yale that manifested itself back in 2015:

A sign that something had gone terribly wrong came in October 2015, when a viral internet video revealed a student mob shrieking at Nicholas Christakis, then master of Yale’s largest residential college. That these students were treating a professor with such disrespect was bad enough, but the impetus for their outrage was an innocuous email written by his wife, fellow professor Erika Christakis, doubting Yale needed to warn students about “appropriate Halloween wear.” Yale’s failure to stand up for the Christakises—he stepped down as master, she left the university—left me ashamed. When the university rewarded two of the mob’s leaders with a prestigious prize, something was deeply amiss.

I include a brief excerpt from this appalling incident in the show. Meanwhile, both Kirchick and Jeremy Carl have lots of thoughts and observations on immigration, and I take up that subject with both guests. Do please tune in, and as always, subscribe to Power Line in iTunes (and leave a 5-star review, please!), or by RSS feed.

And for you Yale alumni among our listeners, go to Jamie’s special website,, and sign his online petition to qualify him for Yale’s ballot. And sign up your fellow Yale alumni while you’re at it.