This Resurfaced Video Of Hasan Minhaj Saying He's More Attractive Than Dax Shepard Is V Important

This Resurfaced Video Of Hasan Minhaj Saying He's More Attractive Than Dax Shepard Is V Important

"But I will not get the same opportunities that Dax does."

Over the weekend, this clip from a Vanity Fair interview with Hasan Minhaj went viral:

The original interview — Hasan Minhaj Takes A Lie Detector Test — came out December 2019.

In the video, Hasan talks about how he thinks he's more attractive than Dax Shepard, but before you have a fizzy tit, the conversation is more than meets the eye.

The line of questioning starts when the interviewer/~detector~ asked if Hasan was bothered that Dax rated his looks a 9 out of 10 instead of a 10 out of 10:

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They're both wrong. The answer is 12 out of 10.

And, because mess, the detector asked Hasan how he would rate Dax. At first, he said what we were all thinking:

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But Hasan is an honest man and he answered truthfully:

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Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave?

After the detector commented that his rating was "harsh," Hasan felt the need to defend his rating and I see the point his was making:

Dax is part of this thing where, in show business, there's this whole movement of "approachable white dudes" whereas with, like, men of color, it's like Idris Elba, Henry Golding, Zayn Malik, or you work in IT. There's no middle. You know how there's a whole class of white dudes, like schlubby dudes who went to high school with me, but now made it in show biz? There no that [for men of color]. You gotta have, like, the V-taper in your abs if you're gonna be Asian.

"You gotta be like Daniel Dae Kim," Minhaj continued. "Have you seen that photo where he flexes his pecs...and he can hold the pencil [between them]? You gotta be Daniel Dae Kim ripped. Like, you can't ever have bread or cereal."

The detector finally asked the hot-button question: "Do you think you're better looking than Dax?" and Hasan answered honestly: "Do I think? Yes."

His candor is commendable, but it's what he said afterward that made his words that much more important:

Me during this entire interview:

Paramount Television

Celebs and other Twitter users have come out in droves to agree with the sentiment that Hasan made in this clip:

Meanwhile we have HOW MANY with Adam Sandler as a romantic lead? Make it make sense. Give Hasan his rom com YESTERDAY

05:32 PM - 23 Nov 2020

I never found Hasan Minhaj attractive. But seeing him uncomfortable on that Vanity Fair video stating how attractive he is & that he is hotter than most famous white men because we celebrate mediocrity in them, really did it for me. What are his fans called? I’m ready.

03:25 PM - 23 Nov 2020

Hasan's response to this resurfaced vid? Beautifully on brand: