We Asked Ice-T A Bunch Of Questions About What It's Like To Work On "Law And Order: SVU"

We Asked Ice-T A Bunch Of Questions About What It's Like To Work On "Law And Order: SVU"

The storyline that has stuck the most with him was... well, this one:

"There was one episode where these guys were actually cutting their penises off and there’s a scene where me and Belzer are asking the guy, "Where did they do it?" And he says, "Right there on the table", and we had our hands on the table and we both snatched our hands off the table like, "What the fuck are you talking about?!". And, of course, the episode where the professional football players were going and having gay sex without their wives knowing it, that was a pretty deep one."

And they all love cracking a good joke on set to lighten the mood.

"I think the funniest part about working on SVU is that everybody on there is always playing around, and we really have a lot of fun telling jokes. A lot of times we’ll have guests, and they take the show dead serious and we are making jokes. They don’t understand how we’re laughing and doing it. When you see it on the show it’s going to be dead serious. We have to lighten up the environment with a lot of humour."

The cast do the majority of their own stunts, but not all of them.

"We don’t do all our own stunts. We do the majority of them, but sometimes have to be careful because of injuries. We shoot out of sequence, so if I shot a fight scene and got a black eye, the next scene I shoot might actually happen prior to that fight scene and you couldn’t explain the black eye!"

And his one piece of life advice, is as follows:

"If it’s at all possible, get out of crime, because your days are numbered in low digits in the underworld. And when you find a way out you should definitely get out if you can. Nobody wants to sit the last days of their life in prison."